November 24, 2021
Bantam Patent Coverage through 2039

First Patents Published December, 2016 WO2016196644A1 Substituted pyrazole and pyrrole compounds and methods for using them for inhibition of initiation of translation and treatment of diseases and disorders relating thereto WO2018102453 Substituted pyrazole compounds and methods of using them for treatment of hyperproliferative diseases WO2018102452 Methods of using substituted pyrazole and pyrazole compounds and for […]

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We are an early mover in the field of mitochondrial homeostasis, using our pioneering science and unrivaled expertise in mitochondrial cellular biology to revolutionize oncology
We are seeking partners and additional investors to accelerate our clinical research and help bring novel cancer therapies closer to patients in need
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Bantam is seeking partners and investors to drive rapid clinical development of our first-in-class molecule from First in Humans trials to clinical Proof of Concept.
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