Bantam Pharmaceutical is developing first-in-class small molecule cancer therapeutics for hematological malignancies and select solid tumors – a $10 billion dollar oncology market opportunity.  

Bantam’s drug discovery program has delivered an orally available clinical candidate, BTM-3566, that works through a novel mechanism of action. Our compounds are Selective Modulators of Mitochondrial Dynamics or SeMMiDs that feature the tumor killing potency of chemotherapy but with the selectivity of targeted therapy..

Bantam is seeking partners and investors to drive rapid clinical development of our best-in-class molecule from First in Humans trials to clinical Proof of Concept.



In human tumor xenograft studies of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, treatment (single agent, once daily dosing) with Bantam’s lead compound (BTM-3566) results in complete tumor regression, along with durable remission upon treatment withdrawal.  Studies demonstrate that Bantam’s compounds also exhibit substantial tumor growth inhibition in solid tumors – including KRAS-mutated colorectal and lung cancers.

The compounds have a unique mechanism of action (MoA), distinct from currently known targeted therapeutics, including histone deacetylase, proteasome, and kinase inhibitors. The MoA is a cascade of events that lead to activation of the eIF2α – ATF4 Integrated Stress Response (ISR) pathway, and culminate with cancer cell apoptosis or suppression of tumor growth.  Activation of the ATF4 pathway is specific:  the compound does not activate other cellular stress pathways including DNA Damage, ER stress, Autophagy or Oxidative Stress.  A unique set of patient selection markers have been identified that are functionally related to activation of the ATF4 ISR pathway by Bantam’s compounds.

Bantam’s SeMMiD compounds offer a new therapeutic approach featuring the tumor killing potency of chemotherapy but with the selectivity of targeted therapy that will expand the treatment options for relapsed and refractory lymphomas such as DLBCL and difficult to treat solid tumors.


Bantam owns a rich intellectual property estate that includes the compounds and broad utility claims. Bantam has also filed patent applications that include claims related to the mechanism, production, indications, and routes of administration. These filings protect Bantam’s pipeline and any derivative products at least through 2039.


Bantam is committed to developing therapeutics that address the unmet needs of cancer patients. Proof of concept clinical studies will focus on lymphoid cancers and biomarker selected solid tumors.


  • Management team with extensive experience in oncology drug discovery and development from bench to market
  • Accomplished scientific advisory board comprised of prominent academic and industry leaders
  • Capital efficient operating model has delivered value and is poised for aggressive product development efforts


Bantam is seeking financing and/or partners to initiate and complete CMC development, progress its lead program through IND-enabling studies and Phase 1a/1b clinical studies, and bring the Company to an exit via partnering event (licensing or acquisition by Pharma/Biotech companies) with a significant investor ROI.


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