Bantam Pharmaceutical is developing small molecule oncology therapeutics that modulate crucial elements of cancer cell metabolism via a novel mechanism of action.

Bantam’s lead program is an orally available compound that shows efficacy against hematologic cancers, and solid tumors in areas of unmet need, which represent a $10 billion oncology market opportunity.

With $10 million in funding raised to date, Bantam is seeking partners and investors as it rapidly advances its clinical candidate toward proof of concept Phase I clinical trials.



The cellular effects of Bantam’s compounds are exclusive to cancer cell lines (i.e., no effect on normal cells). The compounds cause complete regression in lymphoid cancer xenograft studies and substantial tumor growth inhibition in colorectal cancer models. The mechanism of action is through the modulation the ATF4 mediated Integrated Stress Response (ISR) pathway. Data show that the mechanism of action is novel and distinct from currently known targeted therapeutics, including histone deacetylase, proteasome, and kinase inhibitors.


Bantam owns a rich intellectual property estate that includes the compounds and broad utility claims. Bantam has also filed patent applications that include claims related to the mechanism, production and routes of administration. These filings will protect Bantam’s pipeline and any derivative products at least through 2038.


Bantam is committed to developing therapeutics that address the unmet needs of cancer patients. Proof of concept clinical studies will focus on lymphoid cancers and KRAS mutated solid tumors.


  • Management team with extensive experience in oncology drug discovery and development from bench to market
  • Accomplished scientific advisory board comprised of prominent academic and industry leaders
  • Capital efficient operating model


Bantam is seeking financing to initiate and complete CMC development, progress its lead program through IND-enabling studies and Phase Ia/Ib clinical studies, and bring the Company to an exit/partnering event with a significant investor ROI.

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