Alongside our lead candidate BTM-3566, our Discovery unit is uncovering other potential small molecules using our unique scientific expertise.
We are exploring new pathways uncovered by our novel mechanism of action to identify new targets for drug development, validating new biomarkers for clinical use.
Our strategy will enable us to develop a pipeline of future indications in selected solid and hematological tumors, opening the doors to new compounds and patient populations experiencing severe unmet need. We are currently progressing another potential candidate, BTM-3528, through our development pipeline.

What comes next?

There are over 600 compounds synthesized to-date in the Bantam database.
In-house studies and data suggest that ~15-20% of difficult-to-treat solid tumors may be sensitive to BTM-3566
In the US alone, we could bring new treatment options to up to 1 million more cancer patients.
We are an early mover in the field of mitochondrial homeostasis, using our pioneering science and unrivaled expertise in mitochondrial cellular biology to revolutionize oncology
We are seeking partners and additional investors to accelerate our clinical research and help bring novel cancer therapies closer to patients in need
Find Out More
Bantam is seeking partners and investors to drive rapid clinical development of our first-in-class molecule from First in Humans trials to clinical Proof of Concept.
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