At Bantam, we are working to provide new and effective options to patients and clinicians faced by difficult-to-treat cancers.
Our compounds are selective modulators of mitochondrial dynamics that feature the tumor-killing potency of chemotherapy but with the selectivity of targeted therapy.
What are Mitochondria?
Mitochondria are tiny organelles within a cell that generate most of the chemical energy needed for that cell to survive.
They provide the power for the biochemical reactions that take place within the cell and are vitally important to several other key processes - including mediating cell growth and death.
Our novel anti-cancer mechanism of action is unique from any other: Our compounds drive apoptosis (cell death) by disrupting mitochondrial function in tumor cells, altering the inner dynamics which keeps these cancerous cells alive and stable.
They target a pathway involved in mitochondrial homeostasis that drives cancer cell apoptosis particularly in a number of tumor types with high unmet need.

Did you know?

Our novel mechanism of action functions independently of genetic mutation status. The Bantam approach is pan-genomic and can successfully drive apoptosis (cell death) regardless of the genomic vulnerabilities present in a patient’s tumor.

Working together to revolutionize oncology

Our work is supported by leading international experts in oncology though our academic collaborations and advisors.
We are an early mover in the field of mitochondrial homeostasis, using our pioneering science and unrivaled expertise in mitochondrial cellular biology to revolutionize oncology
We are seeking partners and additional investors to accelerate our clinical research and help bring novel cancer therapies closer to patients in need
Find Out More
Bantam is seeking partners and investors to drive rapid clinical development of our first-in-class molecule from First in Humans trials to clinical Proof of Concept.
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