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Matthew Kostura

Chief Scientific Officer
Received his PhD in Biology from the University of Maryland followed with post-doctoral research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. His graduate and post-doctoral research interests were in translational regulation by small molecules and by viral RNA. Dr. Kostura has gained over 25 years of experience in drug discovery and early development from target validation through clinical proof of concept in scientific and management roles in large pharma while at Merck Research Labs and GlaxoSmithKline. 

In addition, he has significant experience in more entrepreneurial roles in start-up ventures. While at TransTech Pharma, he served as the SVP of R&D, directing a research team of 35 scientists conducting drug discovery and development research in oncology, immunology and inflammation, metabolic disease and neurodegenerative disorders. That effort resulted in the progression of four compounds into first-in-human studies. 

Dr. Kostura possesses an in-depth knowledge of the development and use of high-content, multi-modal, phenotypic screening models that are increasingly being used to discover compound mechanism of action as well as biomarkers useful for compound evaluation from bench to clinic. Currently, Dr. Kostura is the CSO at Inanovate, Inc. a startup venture developing technology to discover and bring to market diagnostic and prognostic tests for breast cancer.
We are an early mover in the field of mitochondrial homeostasis, using our pioneering science and unrivaled expertise in mitochondrial cellular biology to revolutionize oncology
We are seeking partners and additional investors to accelerate our clinical research and help bring novel cancer therapies closer to patients in need
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Bantam is seeking partners and investors to drive rapid clinical development of our first-in-class molecule from First in Humans trials to clinical Proof of Concept.
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